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Landmarks in the History of Science » Geoscience » Rare 1st edition - Principles of Physical Geology - with 95 plates and 262 text illustrations, September 1944

Rare 1st edition - Principles of Physical Geology - with 95 plates and 262 text illustrations, September 1944

Autor: Arthur Holmes
Cod: 6034
In stoc: Nu

Detalii produs

1st edition, September 1944, rare, of this exceptionally work.

It is one of the most important and clearly-written books about
the Earth sciences. The depht and range of his thinking, wich
incorporated almost all aspects of physical geology, establish 
Holmes as a brilliant Earth scientist.

                                      American Museum of Natural History

''Today there is a passing generation of geologist who grew up
with Arthur Holmes' famous book Principles of Physical Geology
(Holmes 1944) and although the fourth edition, written by one
of this students, Donald Duff, is still in use today, none of the
later editions compare with the first one written for RAF cadets
during the second World War, whilst Holmes was on fire-watching
duty. One of those rare scientists able to bridge the gap between
science and the layman, a love of literature and an interest in 
philosophy lay at the root of Holmes' easy mastery of the language
and a desire to communicate his subject. (Reynolds 1968)

He dedicated Principles of Physical Geology to 'the reader who
wishes to see something of the wild miracle of the world we live
in through the eyes of those who have tried to resolve its ancient
mysteries'. His use of the phrase 'wild miracle' aptly illustrates the
undiminished sense of wonder he found in his science, wich comes
across in much of his work, but particularly in this book.

Dynamically written and lavishly illustrated, it soon became an 
international bestseller, despite the rather high price of thirty shillings.
The somewhat cumbersome title, apparently chosen as a tribute to
Charles Lyell's Principles of Geology, was soon dropped by those
who brought the book, and ever since it has been known more simply
and fondly as 'Holmes'. Published in 1944, the first print run of 3000
copies sol
d out almost immediately.''

                                                           Cherry Lewis, 2001

The last chapter of the book is on continental drift theory. Holmes
introduced here a purely hypothetical mecanism for ''engineering''
continental drift through the convection currents wich led eventually
to the acceptance of modern plate tectonics. Part of the model was 
the seafloor spreading concept.

Arthur Holmes received many awards and medals from international
geological surveys and societies including; the Murchison Medal
(1940) and Wollaston Medal (1956) awarded by the Geological
Society of London; the Penrose Medal (1956) awarded by the
Geological Society of America; and the highly prestigious Vetlesen
Prize (1964).

The Vetlesen Prize was established in 1959 by the G. Unger Vetlesen
Foundation, and was designed to be the Nobel Prize of the Earth
Sciences, awarded for 'scientific achievement resulting in a clearer
understanding of the Earth, its history, or its relations to the universe'.

1st edition, September 1944, Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd., London, 8vo
pp. xii, 532, 95 plates and 262 text illus., original cloth wrappers, no dust 
jacket. Incredible ex Edinburgh Univ. Libr. unique copy; Arthur Holmes
himself was professor at Edinburgh University between 1943 - 1956.
Good condition.

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