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Landmarks in the History of Science » Physics-Astronomy » Exceptionally rare: [The Culture in Danger. Relativity and Causality] / Die Kultur in Gefahr, Berlin, 1928, Siedentop & Co.

Exceptionally rare: [The Culture in Danger. Relativity and Causality] / Die Kultur in Gefahr, Berlin, 1928, Siedentop & Co.

Autor: Dr. Emanuel Lasker
Cod: 8226
In stoc: Da

Detalii produs In this booklet, Dr. Emanuel Lasker (1868-1941) World Chess Champion for 27 years, mathematician, and good friend of Einstein, writes against the (p. 5) "delusion of being able to dominate the world through the spirit. This unacknowledged but secretly longed-for goal is pursued by some with the help of mathematical physics, by others through the profundity of logic, by intuition by others, by others through the fabric of romantic fantasy that they baptize experience.''

Emanuel Lasker, much provoked by the professional physicist over the theory of relativity, adopted in The Culture in Danger a very provocative tone: ‘’The old axiom ‘from nothing comes nothing’ is refuted by the new discovery that the principle of causality is not valid. It’s hard to say from whom the genial notion come. Inspired by the spirit of the age of c (the velocity of light) the prophets of the new doctrine had this bright idea which is destined to make world history. Long it grew in secret, carefully weighed an considered, until it has now celebrated… The new results runs: in physics the principle of causality holds only probably. The old idea of the necessity, unambiguity, and regularity of the laws of nature is ridiculous. The pattern for a law of nature is the lottery. Until further notice. It depends upon what we decide. We believe in principle in the power of experiment. Our council decides the meaning of the experiment-by majority decision… Unfortunately there are few experimentalist who don’t understand the meaning of their own experiments. They still struggle for the old, outmoded view. Rigid habits of thought. The interpretation of an experiment is reserved solely to those who understand experiments…’’ (pp. 20-22)

Conclusion (p. 27): "The theory of relativity as a whole, as a system of explanation of reality, is erroneous both in their methods and in their results."

Die Kultur in Gefahr / The Culture in Danger, 1st Edition, Berlin, 1928, Siedentop & Co., p. 64, 23 cm; printed covers, the spine shows wear marks, o/w good condition; exceptionally rare.

In 2018 we celebrated 150 years since the birth of Emanuel Lasker.

Price: US $99,000.00