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Landmarks in the History of Science » Physics-Astronomy » Extremely Rare Booklet: A Hundred Authors Against Einstein - [Hundert] 100 Autoren gegen Einstein, Leipzig, 1931

Extremely Rare Booklet: A Hundred Authors Against Einstein - [Hundert] 100 Autoren gegen Einstein, Leipzig, 1931

Autor: Dr. Hans Israel (Editor)
Cod: 8221
In stoc: Da

Detalii produs ''According to Milena Wazeck's Einstein's Opponents: The Public Controversy about the Theory of Relativity nothing ever came of an English language version of 100 Autoren - no such book exists. This is despite the fact that Reuterdahl (one of the contributors) and Ruckhaber (one of the German edition editors) wanted to publish one in the US already back in 1931. But they had great difficulty finding a publisher because of the Great Depression and lack of scientific backers. According to Reuterdahl it was because scientists were afraid of loosing scientific caste, and perhaps their position. Einstein’s American opponents were confronted with similar problems as ten years earlier when Einstein’s German opponents had been sliding into hyperinflation.
Einstein offered a different explanation in his response to 100 Autoren. He would have said: If I were wrong, then one [author] would have been enough!''

As a result, we selected a single contributor to 100 Authors: Emanuel Lasker.
Lasker’s article is of small size, containing only a few sentences.
''In October 1918, Emanuel Lasker (1868-1941) and Albert Einstein first met at the home of Einstein’s friend and biographer, Alexander Moszkowski (1851-1934), also a chess player. Einstein wrote to his mother, Pauline, 'Recently I made the acquaintance of the chess master Lasker, a small, fine gentleman with a sharply cut profile… He has been world champion in chess playing for 25 years and is a mathematician and philosopher to boot. He stayed contentedly seated until 12 o’clock, even though a great tournament awaited him the next day.
Einstein and Lasker become more closely acquainted with each other on walks together. Einstein wrote about those walks 'during which we exchanged our opinions on a great variety of issues. It was a somewhat one-sided exchange, in which I was more the taker than the giver; for it was mostly more natural for this eminently productive person to develop his own thoughts than to adjust to those of someone else.'
In 1927 Einstein and Emanuel Lasker were living in Berlin and they became good friends. Lasker lived virtually around the corner from the Einsteins, at Aschaffenburgerstrasse No, 6a, in the Schoeneberg district of Berlin.
In December 1928 Einstein wrote to Dr. Emanuel Lasker, congratulating him on his 60th birthday. Einstein wrote, 'Emanuel Lasker is one of the strongest minds I ever met in my life. A Renaissance man, gifted with an untamable urge for liberty; averse to any social bonds… As a genuine individualist and self-willed soul, he loves deduction; and inductive research leaves him cold… I love his writings, irrespective of their content of truth, as the fruits of a great original and free mind.'
In 1931 a pamphlet was written called One Hundred Authors Against Einstein. One of the authors was Emanuel Lasker.’'
         Bill Wall,
The argument of Lasker against Einstein is here:
''Einsteins Deduktion übersieht, daß die Erfahrung über leeren Raum nichts ausmachen kann. Indem er für c den empirischen Wert von etwa 300 000 km pro Sekunde einsetzt und so argumentiert, als ob die Leere des astronomischen Raumes unbezweifelbar sei, gelangt er zu einer Antinomie. In Wirklichkeit muß lim c =  sein, wie ich schon 1919 dargelegt habe, und damit ist die Antinomie gelöst. Die Methode der Deduktion Einsteins ist durchaus unschlüssig und die Methode des Disputs, die er befolgt, ist unsachlich.’
          Antinomie der Relativitätstheorie: 100 Autoren gegen Einstein, 1931, p. 20
100 Autoren gegen Einstein, First Edition, R. Voigtlander Verlag, Leipzig, 1931, p. 104, printed covers, 23 cm; good condition; extremely rare.

Price: USD 500,000.00

In 2018 we celebrated 150 years since the birth of Emanuel Lasker.