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Erotica-Curiosa-Servicii Secrete » Curiosa » The Exploded Planet Hypothesis

The Exploded Planet Hypothesis

Autor: Tom Van Flandern
Cod: 8668
In stoc: Nu

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''Tom Van Flandern is both an insider and an outsider. A professional astronomer for twenty-five years, he is well versed in the customs of mainstream science. On the other hand, after a long review of the assumptions underlying a large portion of received truth in astronomy and cosmology, he has come to a radical conclusion: much currently accepted theory is wrong."

                Astronomy Books Club

''He founded the non-profit Meta Research, Inc. in 1990 to provide support for alternative theories in astronomy. The Meta Research Bulletin reported the newest discoveries and how they presented difficulties to accepted astronomical theories, such as the Big Bang and planetary formation. The Bulletin claimed mainstream scientists preferred making ad hoc corrections to the theories rather than acknowledge fundamental difficulties that might jeopardize their funding.''
                 David Dunham, Victor Slabinski, Obituary: Thomas C. Van Flandern (1940-2009)
Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society, Vol. 43, 2011

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